Romney for President, Inc.
"Stop Spending"
60-second ad run in SC starting Oct. 11, 2007. 

National Media, Inc. 

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Sen. Jim DeMint:  Washington politicians call it earmarking, but Americans just call it wasteful pork barrel spending, and taxpayers are sick of it.

This is Senator Jim DeMint, leading the fight to stop wasteful government spending.  That's why I need your help to elect a President next year who will force Congress to end the earmark favor factory.  We need a leader who has the courage and the strength to take on entrenched Washington politicians.

I believe that leader is Mitt Romney.  Mitt is a successful businessman.  He's turned around hundreds of companies by cutting waste and leading with new ideas. 

He used his business skills as Governor of Massachusetts issuing over 800 vetoes of wasteful spending and eliminating a $3 billion debt.

Mitt Romney is the kind of leader America desperately needs.  Please go to and help change Washington.

Romney:  I'm Mitt Romney and I approved this message.