Romney for President, Inc.

"New Leadership"

60-second radio ad airing in NH starting Nov. 21, 2007.

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[Music] Sen. Judd Gregg:  As I travel around the state, it is obvious that New Hampshire and America are hungry for a new kind of leadership.

Hi, this is Judd Gregg and I'm strongly supporting Mitt Romney for President.

Listening to Mitt talk to the people of New Hampshire, I've been impressed.

Two things stand out: He's not from Washington.  And Mitt has accomplished so much, and he stands for even more.

Mitt has successfully led.  He built small and large businesses.  His leadership saved the Olympics, and as governor of Massachusetts, Mitt turned that state around.

Mitt understands the big problems confronting us: the threat of Islamic fundamentalism and ensuring that the Baby Boom generation can retire without bankrupting our children's future. 

As President, Mitt will bring that '"can-do, get-it-done, let's-solve-the-problem" optimism America needs today.

Mitt embodies New Hampshire's values--the values you and I want in a leader.

For a strong America, I hope you'll join me in supporting Mitt Romney for President.  He's the right choice for us.

Romney:  I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this message.

Female Announcer:  Paid for by Romney for President. 


Notes: From the past: "Gregg."