60-second run ad run in PA, starting March 31, 2008.

[Music] SHARON: Pennsylvania people are hard workers and we're fighters.

MARGO: I am a public school teacher.

MARK: I spent a career in the Navy, 22 years.

SANDY: I am a retired university professor.  I'm worried that we're falling into a recession.

SHARON: may mean that I can't retire when I'd like to.   We need to change the course of direction in the country.

SANDY: George Bush has definitely created a mess of things.

MARK: We don't need another George Bush in the office.  That's why I'm supporting Hillary Clinton.

SANDY: Hillary can take on John McCain.

MARK: When I think of John McCain, I don't think of a 'change' candidate.  I think of more of the same.

SANDY: Hillary has the solutions to solve very complex problems.

SHARON: ....they're solutions that work for us.  She stands up for what she believes...when she gets knocked down....she gets up...and keeps fighting.

MARGO: She's capable, she is experienced and she's a fighter.

MARK: ...a fighter.

SANDY: We need a fighter in the Oval Office.

MARK: I'm supporting Hillary.

MARGO: Hillary Clinton for President.

ANNOUNCER: Paid for by the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education, 800-238-1133, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. AFT-COPE is responsible for the content of this advertising.