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30 sec. TV ad run in PA starting April 16, 2008; according to this ad also ran in TX just before the March 4 primary.

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Hillary Clinton's health care plan would help every American get affordable, quality health care.

Barack Obama's plan would leave as many as 15 million Americans uncovered.

So you would either be one of the millions without coverage or you'll keep paying more to provide emergency health care for the millions of uninsured.

Call Barack Obama and tell him to support health care for all Americans.

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Notes: April 20 note from Matthew Lehrich of the Obama campaign:

The New York Times today reported on the efforts of the American Leadership Project, a 527 group operating outside the campaign finance limits and with deep ties to the Clinton operation, in the Pennsylvania primary.  The story notes that some backers of the Clinton-allied ALP "wanted the group to attack Mr. Obama, a tactic the group's leaders have resisted."  [New York Times, 4/20/08] 

However, as the ALP's latest television ad in Pennsylvania shows, that simply is not the case.  The ALP's negative and misleading ad attacking Senator Obama's health care plan - on a charge that has been repeatedly debunked - can be seen here:

Indeed, the Obama campaign ad released yesterday was a response to the ALP spot in order to set the record straight on the real difference between the candidates' health care proposals.