Hillary Clinton for President

"Mrs. Jackson"
60 sec. ad run in SC starting Jan. 2, 2008. 

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[Music] Jackson: This is Jacqueline Jackson.  My husband, Rev. Jesse Jackson, is a native of South Carolina.  Let me tell you why I decided to support Hillary Clinton for President.

As a mother and a grandmother, I know that raising children begins and ends at home.  It begins with a loving family that builds esteem.  It ends with a womanís touch that inspires children to make their dreams a reality.  Thatís why this election is so important.  It is also why I believe Hillary Clinton is by far the most qualified candidate to be President in these tough times. 

Hillary believes that the way we treat our children reflects our nationís values.  For 35 years, Hillary has fought for families.  As first lady, she fought for universal health care and fought just as hard to pass the State Childrenís Health Insurance Program. 

Women are used to making difficult choices, but this is easy because itís about whatís best for our families.  Join me in supporting Hillary Clinton.

Clinton: I'm Hillary Clinton, candidate for president and I approve this message.

Male Announcer: Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President.