Hillary Clinton for President

Yucca Mountain radio ad
60 sec. ad run in NV approximately Jan. 17, 2008. 

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[Music] Male Announcer: There’s a big choice to make on Saturday.

For years, one politician after another — including President Bush — has come to Nevada making promises about the nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain, but they’ve all been broken.

So who will shut down Yucca Mountain once and for all?

Hillary Clinton.

The Las Vegas Sun
says — quote — "Of the three candidates, Clinton … showed real courage, real leadership and real solidarity with Nevada in voting against Bush’s Yucca Mountain plan."

John Edwards voted to keep Yucca Mountain open … twice.  Once Edwards even voted to keep it open over President Clinton’s veto.

And Barack Obama?  The Las Vegas Review Journal said Obama was, quote, "hip-deep in financial ties" to one of America’s biggest Yucca Mountain promoters …nuclear giant Exelon.

So if you want Yucca Mountain shut down for good, there’s only one choice …the one the Sun called – quote – "the best prepared, best qualified candidate."

At 11 a.m. on Saturday, caucus for Hillary Clinton.

Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President.

: I'm Hillary Clinton, candidate for president, and I approve this message.

Notes: The Obama campaign did a conference call on January 17 to rebut this ad.