Hillary Clinton for President

60 sec. ad run in SC starting Sept. 24, 2007.  Being "broadcast statewide on over two-dozen stations of predominantly African American listenership." 

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(Male )Announcer:  Hillary Clinton has spent her life standing up for people others don’t see.

Clinton:  Too many Americans today feel as though they are invisible... If you are a child in a crumbling school along the Corridor of Shame, you ARE invisible to this president.

Announcer:  Thirty-five years as a tireless advocate for children and families… 

Clinton:  If you’re a mother without health care, a father without a job, a family that can’t get by on the minimum wage... you’re invisible as well.

Announcer:  Time and again, Hillary Clinton has stood up to President Bush…stood up for us.

Clinton:  And if you’re stuck on a rooftop or stranded in the Superdome during a hurricane you’re invisible to this president even when you’re on CNN.  [applause]

Well, you are not invisible to me, and you should never be invisible to the president of the United States.

Announcer:  Hillary Clinton.  If you’re ready for change.  She’s ready to lead.  Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President.

Clinton:  I’m Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.


Notes: This is the campaign's first advertisment in South Carolina.