Hillary Clinton for President

"My Girl"
60 sec. ad run in SC starting weekend of Dec. 8-9, 2007. 

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Maya Angelou:   Hello South Carolina, this is Maya Angelou.  Let me tell you about my girl...Hillary Clinton. 

As a child, Hillary Clinton was taught that all Godís children are equal, so as a mother she understood that her child wasnít safe unless all children were safe. 

I know what kind of president Hillary Clinton will be because I know who she is.  Hillary Clinton has always been a strong woman and a passionate protector of families.  For 35 years, thatís exactly what she has been doing.

Each generation of African Americans stands on the shoulders of those who came before.  Today, the challenges facing us threaten the dreams we have had for our children.  We need a president with the experience and strength to meet those challenges. 

I am inspired by Hillary Clintonís commitment and courageÖ a daughter, a wife, a mother... my girl.

Iím Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.


Notes: This is the campaign's fourth advertisment in South Carolina.