Hillary Clinton for President

"Barbara Marzelli" 
60 sec. ad run in NH starting Dec. 13, 2007 along with "Michelle's Law." 

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[Music] Barbara Marzelli: I have a son named Josh, and he's 10 years old.  And he's had four open heart surgeries.  He's going to need a lifetime of care.  Right now, he's insured under the CHIPS program.  And so far his health insurance has been there.

Male Announcer: Hillary Clinton championed the program that provides health care coverage for Josh, and 6 million other kids.

Barbara Marzelli: My husband and I are not insured.  And we can't afford a private policy to cover us.

Announcer: Now Hillary has a plan that will guarantee health coverage for every American.

Barbara Marzelli: These programs have got to be there, for Josh, and for so many others.

And I know that Senator Clinton can do this.  I've met her, I've read her health care plan.  I remember walking up to her and saying, "I would feel a lot more safe if you were President, than I have in many, many years."  She's going to help me, and she's going to help my family.  I know she's the one with the strength, and the heart, to stand up for all of us.

Announcer: Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President

Clinton: I'm Hillary Clinton, candidate for President, and I approve this message.


Notes: See: Kevin Landrigan, "Clinton chases after Obama with gender card," Nashua Telegraph, Dec. 16, 2007.