Hillary Clinton for President

"Stem Cell"
60 sec. ad run in NH starting Dec. 21, 2007. 

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[Music] Steve Walter: My son Alex is eleven years old.  You know, if you know him hes a great kid, hes a super athlete and extremely bright, but he also struggles with a chronic disease - Type 1 Diabetes.

Stem cell research is really our hope in making sure that we eliminate this disease. 

Male Announcer: Hillary Clinton says its time to end George Bushs war on science and invest in stem cell research.

Steve Walter: I met Senator Clinton at a town hall meeting at Dartmouth College and she had the opportunity to meet Alex and I think it was a great exchange.  She shows a lot of compassion for people.

I believe Senator Clinton is a real leader in stem cell research and thats going to help Alex and a hundred million other Americans that suffer from chronic disease.

Announcer: As President, Hillary Clinton will lift George Bushs stem cell ban and let American scientists once again take the lead on this important research.

Steve Walter: Im a registered Republican from New Hampshire but I plan to vote for Senator Clinton because she supports stem cell research and thats going to help kids like Alex.

Announcer: If youre ready for change shes ready to lead. 
Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President.

Clinton: Im Hillary Clinton, candidate for President, and I approve this message. 


Notes: This ad highlights both Clinton's compassion and her ability to attract support from Republicans.