Divided We Fail

"Way Too Important"
30-second TV ad run in NH June 2007 coinciding with the debates. 

Kid One:  This is a message for political candidates.

Kid Two:  Don't tell us you'll improve health care just so people will vote for you.

Kid Three: Don't tell us you'll fix Social Security just so you'll get elected. 

Kid Four:  Don't tell us that unless you really mean it.

Kid Five:  Because it's way too important.

Kid Six:  Too many families can't even afford to get sick.

Kid Seven:  Too many people can't even save enough for their future.

Kid Eight:  So please, don't tell us you'll fix things unless you really mean it.

Kid Nine:  Because it's way too important.

Female Announcer:  It's time for health care and financial security for all.  [Sound] Demand action and answers at DividedWeFail.org.

Note: "The ads also debut a Divided We Fail mascot, a new animal created by combining a donkey and an elephant that represents bipartisanship."