John Edwards for President

"What Really Matters"
60 sec. ad run in SC Jan. 25, 2008. 

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[Music] Male Announcer:  The middle class is being squeezed.  An economic crisis looms.  Our nation is at war.  And too many Americans have no health care.

And what do we get from two Washington politicians running for President?

Nasty squabbling and personal attacks.

It's time we had a grown up in the White House who understands us and will actually get something done for the middle class.

: I'm John Edwards and I approved this message because I'm proud to represent the grown up wing of the Democratic Party.

While Senator Clinton and Senator Obama seem intent on tearing each other down, I'm intent on building you up.

This campaign isn't about us personally.  It's about what we're trying to do for this country.

I understand the struggles middle class families face, just like mine did right here in South Carolina.

And, as your President, I'll fight everyday to strengthen the middle class, create good paying jobs, stop unfair trade deals, and make our government work for the American people, not for a bunch of irresponsible corporations.

It's time we had a President who will stand up for the American people.

: Paid for by John Edwards for President.