John Edwards for President

30 second ad run in NH starting Dec. 26, 2007.

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[Music] Edwards: What will our next president do with the enormous power that comes with the office? 

I will restore America’s moral authority in the world, confront people who exploit their power for personal advantage, stand up for people whose voices are ignored – just like I’ve done all my life – be honest about the challenges we face and the choices we have, keep the promises I make, work every day to restore the American Dream.

Because I know that the power that comes with the presidency comes from you. 

Edwards (voiceover): I’m John Edwards, and I approved this message.


Notes: From the press release:
The ad goes up as Edwards returns to the state today for door knocking in Nashua, town hall events in Conway and Laconia, and organizing conventions in Manchester and Salem. Organizing conventions are a tool the campaign uses to energize volunteers and turn them out to canvass and phone bank on behalf of John Edwards. 

In anticipation of our GOTV effort, the Edwards campaign has opened five new field offices around the state to accommodate the overwhelming number of volunteers turning out to work for the campaign. Last week alone, volunteers for the Edwards campaign made 75,000 phone calls to their friends and neighbors in New Hampshire to talk about John Edwards’ bold plans to bring about real change in our country. That’s the strongest volunteer call week the Edwards campaign has had yet this cycle and our operation only continues to grow. The campaign also identified more supporters last week than any prior week during the cycle.