John Edwards for President

30 second ad run in NH, announced Dec. 3, 2007.

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[Music] Edwards(clips from event): We donít have universal health care because of drug companies, insurance companies and their lobbyists in Washington, DC. 

And anybody who argues that every Americanís not entitled to health care, I want them to explain to you what child in this country is not worthy of health care?

Youíre going to sit at a table with drug companies and oil companies, and theyíre going to give away their power?  Right.  You have to take their power away from them. 

There is nothing we canít do if we do it together. 

Edwards (voiceover): Iím John Edwards, and I approved this message.


Notes: Clips of people listening are woven in.  Interestingly, they look more serious than enthusiastic. 

This observation is supported by a Dec. 11 posting on the "Century of the Common Iowan blog":

At times, when I expected more applause, there were little. However, when I looked at the crowd I would see heads nodding up and down in agreement. These people weren't here to cheer on their candidate. These were undecided voters who are thinking long and hard about who they want as their next president. The question is if they will be rising in support for Edwards on caucus night.
and a comment in response to that posting from "Danielle In Iowa":
I noticed the same thing with applause at the Ames event last week. I have been to so many events where there has been automatic applause at almost every talking point, that it seemed eerily quiet, but I think it actually worked well as people seemed to be listening in earnest.