Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee, Inc.
60-second radio ads run in IA and NH starting Aug. 15, 2007.  (Note this ad heard in NH on Oct. 1 and 2)

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Female Voice Over: Hereís Rudy Giuliani. 

Giuliani:  It frustrates me that if someone comes here illegally, in addition to everything else thatís involved in that, if they commit a crime, we donít throw them out of the country.  As the mayor of New York I wanted to see if I could get the Immigration Service to help me.  Letís see if you could get rid of the drug dealers who are coming out of jail.  It makes no sense Ė after they have been in jail for selling drugs in the United States Ė we now have to keep them in the United States.  They couldnít do it because they had other people lined up to throw out.  They had like a professor who over-stayed his visa.  I had a drug dealer who had maybe killed people.  A person who comes here illegally and commits a crime should be thrown out of the country.  People that come in illegally we gotta stop.  You stop illegal immigration by building a fence, a physical fence and then a technological fence.  You then hire enough Border Patrol so they can respond in a timely way.  And then, if anybody becomes a citizen, we should make certain that they can read English, write English and speak English, because this is an English speaking country. 

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Notes: Illegal immigration is a theme that has appeared in other campaign ads this cycle.  Compare for example the Romney radio ad "Exceptional" from about a week later (August 21), the Romney TV ads "Secure" (July 31) and "Secure Borders" (May 19), or Tommy Thompson's radio ad (July 16), as well as the Tancredo ads.