Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee, Inc.
30-second TV ad run in NH and Boston, announced Nov. 29, 2007. 

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[Music] Giuliani:  When I became Mayor of New York City things were out of control.  I lowered taxes.  I reduced the growth of government.  Made government more accountable.  And New York City boomed.  

I would do these things for America because I know they work.  I know that reducing taxes produces more revenues.  Democrats don’t know that.  They don’t believe that.  

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, here’s a promise I assure you they’ll keep.  They are making the promise to raise taxes.  The only thing I can tell you in addition to that is they’ll raise taxes even more than they promise.

I’m Rudy Giuliani and I approve this message.

Notes: The Edwards campaign had a response:


Chapel Hill, North Carolina – Today, John Edwards for President communications director Chris Kofinis released the following statement in response to Rudy Giuliani’s new ad attacking Senator Edwards:

“It looks like Rudy Giuliani wants to offer America four more years of George W. Bush – no thanks.  John Edwards will deliver tax cut relief to the millions of middle class and working Americans who need it, not the wealthiest few like Giuliani who don’t.  But Giuliani’s attack on John Edwards shows one thing – that instead of offering any ideas to help the middle class, he’s more than willing to ignore the middle class and attack the one Democrat who has proposed bold and detailed plans to help American families. 

“Truth be told, John Edwards has taken on the Giulianis of the world his entire life and beaten them. And, come November 2008, John Edwards looks forward to beating them again, no matter who the Republican nominee is.”