The Heat is On
(League of Conservation Voters Education Fund and the Conservation Voters of South Carolina Education Fund) 

"Challenge of a Generation"
30 sec. ad run in SC and DC April 22-27, 2007, coinciding with the April 26 South Carolina Democratic debate. ("strong cable buy in SC, nominal cable buy in DC")

Produced by Squier, Knapp and Dunn

[Music] Robert Redford: In every generation there are a few defining moments when we have a chance to chart a new course that will leave our children a better world. 

Our moment is now, and our challenge is to solve global warming.

News anchor #1: ...Evidence of global warming is quote "unequivocal"...

News anchor #2: ...Humans are responsible for global warming...

News anchor #3: ...A looming climate catastrophe...

Redford: We need to challenge all of the presidential candidates to make solving global warming a top priority.  Go to and seize the future.  Our future.