Hunter for President
60-second radio ad run in NH starting Oct. 29, 2007. 

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[Music] Chuck Yeager: This is General Chuck Yeager.  Congressman Duncan Hunter is the most qualified person running for president. 

Duncan has integrity, courage and diplomacy. 

Duncan is the only guy who served in Vietnam, where he was an Army Ranger, and his son has served two tours in Iraq as a Marine.

Duncan served four years as chairman of the Armed Services Committee in Congress, where he worked for our troops and veterans.

That means he has the experience to be president and keep our country safe.

And you know the other guys talk about border control; heck Duncan Hunter built the border fence in California that works(?ed), and he wrote the law that would take it across the Southwest.  As president he'll finish the job.

And last of all Duncan Hunter will protect our guns.  He has an A+ with the NRA.

Join me in supporting Duncan Hunter for President.

Hunter:  Thanks Chuck.  I'm Duncan Hunter and I approve this message.  [Music stops]

Voice: Bruce Young, Treasurer.