Hunter for President
Radio Ad #2
60-second radio ad run in NH starting Dec. 26, 2007. 

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[Music] Hunter: This is Duncan Hunter.

Male Announcer: On bringing jobs back to New Hampshire.

Hunter: The first thing we do is stop China from cheating on trade.  That will save some of our jobs.  As President of the United States, I will insist on other countries being treated exactly the same way with taxes as they treat us.

Announcer: On winning the war in Iraq.

Hunter: Number one, you stand up a free government.  Number two, you stand up a military capable of protecting that free government.  And number three the Americans leave and come home.

Announcer: Duncan Hunter on immigration.

Hunter: It's time to plug the hole in the boat.  That means building the border fence, and after we do that we're going to be able to bail the water out.  And I think it's okay to ask people who were smuggled into this country to go home, and if they want to come into this country, knock on the front door.

Announcer: Right on the issues that matter.

Hunter: So we've got a chance at a bright new sunrise of opportunity and faith and freedom for our country, and I want to go forward into that sunrise and I hope that lots of Americans will join me.

This is Duncan Hunter, and I wrote and approved this message.