Obama for America

30 sec. ad run in NH starting Oct. 22, 2007

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Obama voiceover:  I'm Barack Obama and I approved this message.

Obama (clips of him speaking at event):  We are a beacon of light around the world.  At least thatís what we can be again.  Thatís what we should be again.

When we break out of the conventional thinking and we start reaching out to friend and foe alike, then I am absolutely confident that we can restore Americaís leadership in the world.

Weíre going to lead with our values and our ideals by deed and by example. I want to go before the world and say Americaís back.  

Text Screen (white on blue): Change we can believe in.

(voiceover)[cheers, applause]  America is back.


Notes: This ad, the campaign's third ad in NH, is from the same shoot as the second NH ad "Quiet."