Obama for America
"Defining Moment"
60-sec. radio ad run in SC starting Oct. 23, 2007.

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Jesse Jackson Jr:  This is Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.  [Music starts]

Two decades ago, my father ran for President, calling on South Carolina and the nation to Keep Hope Alive.

Today, Barack Obama has taken up the torch.  Heís continuing that march for justice.

And his campaign is a defining moment.

A lot of politicians call themselves our friends.

But Obama has a heart that beats for our community.  And heís dedicated his life to the struggle.

As a community organizer for churches in hard-hit neighborhoods; as a civil rights lawyer and public official, Obamaís spent decades fighting for fairness. 

Obamaís passed laws to stop racial profiling, and the railroading of the poor in the justice system. And heís spoken hard truths about the moral crisis in our community, and what we have to do to change it.

This is Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Once, South Carolina voted for my father, and sent a strong message to the nation.

Next year, you can send more than a message.  You can launch a President.

Obama: Iím Barack Obama, candidate for president, and I approve this message

Male Announcer:  Paid for by Obama for America.


Notes:  The third Obama South Carolina radio spot.  Aired on 36 gospel and R&B radio stations across the state.