Obama for America

30 sec. ad run in NH starting Nov. 3, 2007 (announced Nov. 2).

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[Music] Obama (clips of him talking to a small group): This administration has further divided Wall Street from Main Street.  You've got CEOs who are making more in 10 minutes than ordinary workers are making in a year.

Obama (direct to camera and voice over): The bedrock, the foundation of our economy is our workers.  The middle class have been treading water or worse.

My plan says "Let's restore some balance to our tax code.  Close these corporate loopholes the lobbyists put in.  And let's make sure that tax breaks are given to people who really need it."


Notes: Text screen is up for approximately 7 seconds as the three points are added.
The Obama Plan:
· Close corporate tax loopholes
· $1,000 per family tax cut
· No income taxes on seniors making under $50,000

The press release notes: 

In September he unveiled his Middle Class Tax Fairness plan, which would restore balance to our tax code by closing corporate loopholes, providing tax relief for the middle class-including more than 800,000 working people here in New Hampshire-and eliminating income taxes for seniors making less than $50,000 per year.