Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee

"Ron Paul Supports the Troops"
60-second run ad run in IA, ?Oct. ?Nov. 2007.

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Male Announcer:  Presidential candidate Ron Paul supports the troops.  He objects to our disastrous Middle East foreign policy.  

Our U.S. troops lead on the battlefield and here at home too.  

Third quarter campaign financial reports for this year show military personnel are giving more campaign donations to Ron Paul than to any other candidate, Republican or Democrat.

Think about that.  Our patriotic troops want Ron Paul.  Shouldn't you?

Thirty days after 9-11 Congressman Ron Paul introduced legislation to use constitutional means to hunt down Osama bin-Laden and bring him to justice.  The White House ignored him.  If we'd listened to Dr. Ron Paul we wouldn't be mired down in Iraq today.  

Let's defend America and follow our Founding Fathers' directive to avoid foreign entanglements.  

Join our brave soldiers and support Ron Paul for president.  If you want to help Dr. Paul here in Iowa call 888-828-PAUL.  That's 888-828-PAUL.

Paul:  This is Ron Paul, and I approve this message.

Male Announcer:  Paid for by Ron Paul PCC.