"What We Need"
30 sec. TV ad run in TX starting approx. Feb. 26, 2008.


[Music] Woman 1 (holding child): What we need is a fresh voice.

Woman 2: Somone who has not "gone Washington."

Man: Someone who isn't in the pocket of special interests.

Woman 3: Someone like Barack Obama

Man 2 (with arm around child): Who stood up for kids when they needed health care.

Man 3: We need someone like Obama.

Man 4: Obama.

Woman 4: Who will take on drug companies.

Man 5: Who will help us keep our homes.

Woman 5: We need to change Washington.

Man 6: So we need to change the people who run it.

Woman 1 (holding child): It's that simple.

Male Announcer: SEIU COPE is responsible for the content of this advertising.