30 sec. TV ad run
in WI starting approx. Oct. 18, 2008.


[Music] Man 1 (on the street):  I'm on a fixed income.

Woman 1 (on a porch):  And so am I.

Man 2 (on the street):  What would my folks do without Social Security?

Woman 2 (on the street):  Why does John McCain support privatizing Social Security?

Man 2 (on the street):  He wants to put it in Wall Street's hands.

Man (not shown):  What is he thinking?

Man 3:  I'm surprised he's that out of touch.

Woman 1 (on a porch):  You could wake up one day and the money would all be gone.

Man 1 (on the street):  We earned that money; now he wants to give it to Wall Street.

Man 3, Woman 2, Man 1 in chorus:  No way!

Male Announcer:  AFSCME PEOPLE is responsible for the content of this advertising.