"Barclay Hastings - Columbus, OH"
60 sec. TV ad run in OH.

[Music] Barclay Hastings: I love the people of Ohio.  I love their dedication to this country.

[Nat. sound: saw]

When people ask me who I would feel safer with as a president, clearly it's Barack Obama.

People are surprised that I would make that choice, given my military background.

In 2000 I voted for John McCain.

I wouldn't do that today.  I particularly don't like the way that he's said he supports the veterans when he voted against the GI Bill.  I think he's really out of touch.

You know Barack Obama is the type of leader that maybe comes only once in a lifetime.

My name is Barclay Hastings and I live in Columbus, OH.  And I would hope that our country would honor our Iraqi veterans by electing Barack Obama.

Male Announcer: Paid for by  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Notes: One of the "Local Voices" ads.