Committee for Truth in Politics

"Tragic, but True"
30 sec. TV ad run in Pittsburgh,
PA approx. Oct. 9, 2008.

[Music, ] Female Announcer: It's tragic but true.  Two-thirds of all prisoners convicted of rape or sexual assault committed their crime against a child.

Even worse the average child predator exploits seven to two hundred victims in their lifetime.

In the Illinois Senate, Barack Obama was the only member that voted to allow early release for convicted sexual abusers.

Call Senator Obama.  Tell him to support the Prevention and Deterrance of Crimes Against Children Act

The Committee for Truth in Politics is responsible for the content of this advertising.
Notes: Will Evans, writing for National Public Radio's Secret Money Project, suggested this group might better be named the "Committee For Misleading In Politics."  Politico reported that Obama made the vote by error and corrected it the same day.