AARP Debuts TV Advertisements Featuring Sens. Obama and McCain
Lori Parham: 'This nation doesn’t need another stump speech and AARP is here to ensure that we get more than just promises.'
July 03, 2008 -

St. Petersburg, Fla. - AARP and Divided We Fail will launch a new round of advertisements Monday in the Tampa television market as part of a national effort to help secure lifetime health and financial security.  The ads quote both Senators Barack Obama and John McCain and then asks Floridians to help ensure that the candidates’ promises to address the health care and financial security crises become action.

 “While Senators Obama and McCain have focused on health care and financial security, we need to be certain that rhetoric turns into action,” said Lori Parham, AARP Florida state director. “We wanted to note their words in the ads as part of our effort to demand action on these issues.  The attention paid to the health care and financial security crises is important, but fulfilling the promise to deliver on their promises is far more critical.” 

Divided We Fail’s and AARP’s most recent ads are part of a multi-million dollar effort aimed at ensuring our elected leaders deliver on their promises to address health care and financial security.  The ads join a strong grassroots movement started by Divided We Fail last year.  To date, millions of activists who have signed on to the campaign in one form or another, including more than 300 U.S. Representatives, and a majority of U.S. Senators, including Senators McCain and Obama.  

“Floridians, and indeed, all Americans deserve better than what they’ve gotten from Washington in the past,” Parham said. “This nation doesn’t need another stump speech and Divided We Fail is here to ensure that we get more than just promises.”

Divided We Fail Florida Campaign Manager Jeff Johnson said the more than 50 million people Divided We Fail represents and the millions more involved in this effort have been clear on one thing: “Enough is enough.”

“We’ve heard enough promises, the time for action is now,” Johnson said. “These ads are just another step in the Divided We Fail initiative to remind Senators Obama and McCain that we’re watching what they say and will hold them accountable if they’re elected.” 

The ads include the following statements from them:

Sen. McCain:  “We need tax policies that respect the wage-earners and job creators.”

Sen. Obama:  “It’s harder to save. It’s harder to retire.”
McCain: “The biggest problem with the American health care system is that it costs too much.”

Obama: “We will have a health care system, not a disease care system.”

The ad concludes with a voiceover that states, “Call and make sure their talk turns into real solutions.”  The ad debuts in Tampa on Monday, July 7, with ads running for about three weeks.  A video copy of the ad is available online at

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