Friends of the Earth Action 

"Trillions More"
30 sec. TV ad run on nat'l cable
announced April 16, 2008.


[Music, computer typing SFX] Male Announcer: If you think John McCain opposes pork-barrel spending, think again.


[Swish SFX] The Lieberman-Warner global warming bill gives a trillion dollars to corporate polluters. But that's not good enough for John McCain.

[Swish SFX] McCain wants billions more for dangerous nuclear power [Swish SFX] piled on top of billions in corporate pork already going to the oil, gas and coal industries.

[Swish SFX] Senator McCain, [typing SFX] here's some real straight talk: No more pork for corporate polluters.


Notes: Cheesy animation and dynamic music make this an interesting ad to watch.