"Darrell Hanschen in Missouri"
60 sec. TV ad run in MO.

[Music] Darrell Hanschen: We're in a very conservative area.  But you're seeing more and more and more people who are about fed up with it.

I think the economy and I think their health is starting to cross over -- and they're saying man we've go to do something; we cannot go down this path anymore.

I have a very dear friend.  He called me up the other night and he said, we just had a men's club meeting at the Methodist Church.  I said, yep.  He said, well there were about ten of us and we sit around just trying to decide what we're going to do in this election.  I said, so what'd you decide?  He said, well I guess we're going to have to vote for -- the black guy.  I said, and that's bad because...?  He said, well he's black.  I said, but buddy have you listened to him?  So I see him reaching into places that I never thought would ever cross that line.

My name is Darrell Hanschen, I'm from Jackson, Missouri, and I'm voting for Barack Obama.

Male Announcer: Paid for by  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Notes: One of the "Local Voices" ads.