Let Freedom Ring in 2008

From the Let Freedom Ring website:

"'Let Freedom Ring' is a non-profit, grassroots public-policy organization.  Our mission is to promote 'Constitutional Government, Economic Freedom and Traditional Values.' We sometimes say that Let Freedom Ring operates 'at the intersection of faith and politics.'

Colin Hanna, a former Chester County (PA) commissioner, has served as president of this 501(c)(4) since it started up in 2004.  Let Freedom Ring spent more than $5 million on its 2008 general election advertising campaign.  About $4 million of that was spent on spot advertising in five states -- Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada and Colorado -- and about $1 million on cable.  One of the major donors was John M. Templeton, Jr., M.D..  After starting with a distinctive "Both Ways Barack" ad in July, Let Freedom Ring ran most of its ads in October.  There were three main series, first "Common Sense," then "Consequences" and finally "Never Find Out."  All told Let Freedom Ring produced 42 spots and aired about 20 of them.  Hanna himself wrote about half of the ads.  Rapid Response Media produced about half the ads, and the other half were produced by an Arizona firm.

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