Let Freedom Ring

"Both Ways Barack"
30 sec. TV ad run on
MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, and VH1  starting July 22, 2008 and on MTV starting July 23, 2008.

Produced by  RapidResponse Media

Male Announcer: People are saying that Senator Obama’s recent changes of position have made him [SFX] a flip-flopper.

He’s not!  [SFX]

Flip-floppers only hold one position at a time.  [SFX]

Senator Obama is different: he holds two positions at the same time.

[SFX] Both ways on banning handguns.

[SFX] Both ways on public campaign financing.

[SFX] And now, both ways on withdrawing from Iraq.  [SFX]

He’s ‘Both Ways Barack.’  Worse than a flip-flopper!

Let Freedom Ring is responsible for the content of this advertising.


Notes: This was the first political ad ever run on MTV.