Let Freedom Ring

"Robby George on Judicial Choices"
60-second ad run in Oct. 2008.


Male Announcer: Let Freedom Ring paid for and is responsible [Music] for the content of this advertising.

Voting is about more than just picking one image over another.

[Music stops] For instance, the consequences of the wrong judicial choices.

[Music] Robert P. George (Professor, Princeton University): It worries me when a presidential candidate says that he will oppose people like Justice Sam Alito. 

Justice Sam Alito is an exemplary justice.  We certainly don't need a president who says that he would block the appointment of someone like Justice Alito or Justice Clarence Thomas or Justice Scalia or Chief Justice Roberts. 

These are true constitutionalists.  These are judges who can be trusted with the country's most fundamental law.  These are judges who believe in the rule of law.  To deviate from that would be a grave offense and to have a president who would appoint justices who would deviate from it would be a great offense against the Constitution and a great disservice to the country.

Male Announcer: The election in November has serious consequences.  It's time to think beyond the rhetoric.  For more information go to consequences.org.

Notes: This is an example of Let Freedom Ring's "Consequences" ad series.