Let Freedom Ring

"Unions-Card Check"
60-second ad run starting approx. Oct. 13, 2008 in CO, OH, PA, VA.


[Music] Male Announcer: Common sense thinking on union elections. 

Nothing is more fundamental to democracy than the secret ballot.

Rod W., Woodbridge, VA
: Where I am if they want to unionize and they impose this card check thing and I decide not to but they go union then I'm going to feel like I'm ostracized because I chose not to be a part of that.

Male Announcer
: There's a proposal in Congress that could force workers to sign a card right in front of the union organizer instead of by secret ballot.  Some call it "card check."

Rod W.
: Union card check I definitely think it's intimidating because it's a violation of, one, your privacy.  You shouldn't have to feel intimidated whether to check yes or no just because you're standing in front of an individual that may be representing that union.

Male Announcer
: Decide for yourself whether you want a president who supports card check or one who supports free elections.

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Notes: This is an example of Let Freedom Ring's "Common Sense Thinking" ad series.