OVERVIEW from Local Voices for Obama website

Local Voices is being filmed in small communities in battleground states such as Missouri, Nevada, and Ohio, where local voters who support Obama are asked to speak candidly to camera about the issues in this election they find most pertinent to their daily lives, and why Obama is their candidate. Central to the success of Local Voices is recognition—in these short real people ads, Americans in communities that are often overlooked will see their own towns and neighbors conceptualizing their support of Obama through the lens of that particular region’s struggles and identity.

Though Local Voices brings us too many different towns, we see they all share high prices at gas pumps, boarded up homes and business and the yellow ribbons wrapped around trees showing that while these problems effect us all on a personal level, the challenges must be met by strong national leadership and unity. 

Each segment of Local Voices will be shot over a two-day time period with a four-day total edit turnaround into powerful, documentary styled ad spots for local television, radio and viral distribution in the communities where each respective segment is filmed. The content will aesthetically reflect the candid, unrehearsed, sometimes humorous nature of the interviews, and the honesty of the sentiments expressed therein. The feel of Local Voices promises to be authentic and almost user-generated, not slick but organic, honest and moving while delivering clear and on-point messaging.

Our partners, the Truth and Hope PAC, are providing the financial vehicle, legal logistics, the research data and the ad placement.