John McCain 2008

"Johnny's Mom"
60-second ad run on DirecTV channels on May 11, 2008, Mother's Day.

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[Light Music] John McCain: I understand that I was born on a Friday.

Roberta McCain: No...

John McCain: Traditional...

Roberta McCain: You were born on a Saturday.

John McCain: was a happy hour I thought was the ah...

Roberta McCain: No, it was not a happy hour; it was on a Saturday. 

I awakened and I told Jack, I've got to go; we're going to have this baby. 

Well anyway this baby came I think around 11 o'clock.

Well anyway the club was very close by.

I'm told on the table there were 27 bottles of scotch, all presents to Johnny.  Well you might as well enjoy it.

[McCain nods in assent]

All these men had gathered over at this club to celebrate this child's arrival. 

He was the sweetest, nicest child I've ever known.

[McCain laughs]

I think he'll make a wonderful president.

Well he's not perfect.

Did I say that?

John McCain: Doesn't pay enough attention to his mother I think might be...[McCain laughs]

Roberta McCain: No, I'm happy.  I have no complaints.

[Music continues]

McCain voiceover: I'm John McCain, and I approve this message, and my mom does too.