John McCain 2008

"Cuban Prisoners"
60-second ad run in So. FL, announced June 10, 2008.

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English translation:
Roberto Martin Perez: This is Roberto Martin Perez, Cuban political prisoner for 28 years.

The harsh reality is that millions of my fellow Cuban citizens are prisoners in their own country.

Despite this, our spirit remains resilient; and John McCain knows that Raul Castro is like his brother, a man that does almost anything to stay in power, violating the fundamental rights of Cubans.

Now, he allows them to use cell phones and computers, but at the same time, censors the right to speak.

While some support a dialogue with Raul Castro, John McCain believes we should support the courageous men and women who continue to stand up for freedom in Cuba.

Rather than resume relations with Raul Castro, John McCain wants first and foremost for all political prisoners to be released.

As someone who has survived the harsh conditions of the Vietnamese prisons, John McCain knows that freedom in Cuba won't be achieved with concessions to dictatorships.

McCain: I'm John McCain and I approve this message.

Announcer: Paid for by John McCain 2008.