John McCain 2008

60-second ad run in battleground states and on national cable, announced July 8, 2008.  

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[Music] Male Announcer:  It was a time of uncertainty, hope and change.  The "Summer Of Love."

Half a world away, another kind of love -- of country.

John McCain: Shot down.  Bayoneted.  Tortured.

Offered early release, he said, "No."  He'd sworn an oath.

Home, he turned to public service.

His philosophy: before party, polls and self ... America.

A maverick, John McCain tackled campaign reform, military reform, spending reform.

He took on presidents, partisans and popular opinion.

He believes our world is dangerous, our economy in shambles.

John McCain doesn't always tell us what we "hope" to hear.

Beautiful words cannot make our lives better.

But a man who has always put his country and her people before self, before politics can.

Don't "hope" for a better life.  Vote for one.


McCain (voiceover): I'm John McCain and I approved this message.


Notes: According to the campaign's press release, "The ad highlights John McCain's record of putting his country first and taking on the tough challenges confronting our country even when it was not popular or in his self-interest."  The ad also takes several digs at Obama.  The opening ties two of Obama's central themes, hope and change, to the hippie culture and the "Summer of Love" (summer 1967).  "Beautiful words cannot make our lives better," the announcer states, taking another dig.  The line is another jab.  "Don't hope for a better life.  Vote for one."  Andrew Sullivan points out in the "Daily Dish" ( that the Conservative Party in the U.K. used this slogan in the late 1970's.  Also interesting is the reference to "our economy in shambles."