John McCain 2008

30-second ad run in key states, announced Aug. 15, 2008.


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[Chants "Obama, Obama..."] Female Announcer: Celebrity?  Yes.  [Flash SFX]  Ready to lead?  No.    [Flash SFX] 

Obama's new taxes could break your family budget.

The press warns the "taxman cometh."
Obama's taxes mean "higher prices at the pump."

Obama's taxes a "recipe for economic disaster."   [Chants stop]

[SFX]  Higher taxes.  Higher gas prices.  Economic disaster.

That's the real Obama.

[Music] McCain (voiceover): I'm John McCain and I approved this message.

Notes: The Obama campaign responded thusly...

“This ad is just more of the same old false and discredited attacks that Senator McCain knows aren’t true.  Senator McCain will say or do anything to hide the truth: while Obama will cut taxes for the middle class, McCain will give a billion dollars in new tax breaks to America’s eight largest corporations, while his plan provides no direct relief for more than 100 million American Families.  And despite his rhetoric, he’s refusing to support the bipartisan Senate proposal to expand production and invest in renewable energy because he wants to protect tax breaks for oil companies.  We’ve seen what happens when we put the oil companies and their lobbyists ahead of working families, and that’s exactly what Americans want to change in this election,” said Obama campaign spokesman Hari Sevugan.

The campaign also released a "fact-check video to correct the record."