John McCain 2008

30-second ad run in OH, released Aug. 15, 2008.


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[Chants: "Obama, Obama"]

Male Announcer: Maybe the applause has gone to his head.

[Music] Saying John McCain cost Ohio jobs, well it's just not true.

It's Obama's taxes that will hurt Ohio families.

Higher taxes on your paycheck, your life savings, your electric bills.

His taxes are a recipe for economic disaster.  That's the real Obama.

[chants: "Obama, Obama"]  Ready to tax.  Not ready to lead.

McCain (voiceover): I'm John McCain and I approved this message.

Notes: Response to Obama ad "Punch."

The Obama campaign responded,

 “John McCain would rather distort Sen. Obama’s record than own up to his role in the deal that has put 8,200 Ohio jobs in jeopardy.  The people of Southwest Ohio are quickly learning they can expect anything but straight talk from Sen. McCain,” said Obama Ohio Communications Director Isaac Baker.