John McCain 2008 

30-second ad run in key states, announced Aug. 25, 2008.


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[Music] Debra Bartoshevich: I'm a proud Hillary Clinton Democrat.

She had the experience and judgment to be President.

Now, in a first for me, I'm supporting a Republican, John McCain.

I respect his maverick and independent streak, and now he's the one with the experience and judgment.

A lot of Democrats will vote McCain.  It's okay, really!

McCain (voiceover): I'm John McCain and I approved this message.

Notes:  Response from the Obama campaign...
Despite the claims made in his latest ad, “Debra,” the fact is that John McCain has, “on the transcendent issues, the most important issues of our day… been totally in agreement and support of President Bush.”  There’s nothing independent about having voted with George Bush 95% of the time and there is little maverick about promising to continue George Bush’s failed economic policies and plan for an indefinite occupation of Iraq. 

Please find, below, the response of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz to the McCain ad and facts about John McCain’s enthusiasm for the failed Bush agenda that didn’t make it into his ad:

“This ad does not reflect the sentiment of the thousands of former Clinton supporters from my Congressional District who have embraced Barack Obama's message of uniting Americans and getting the country back on track.  Cheap political stunts like this ad show that John McCain is offering more of the same: four more years of failed Bush policies and a record of supporting George Bush 95% of the time and losing track of how many houses he owns.  Hillary Clinton supporters are embracing Barack Obama and Joe Biden because they know they will bring a tax code that gives real relief to working families, a serious plan to tackle the energy crisis and help you cope with rising prices, and an end to the kind of political game too often on display at McCain headquarters.   The Democrats I talk to are supporting Barack Obama and Joe Biden because they'll end the political games of Washington and provide real tax relief for working families, address the energy crisis and restore America's respect abroad,” said Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Observations: While this ad's merits can be debated, it is a lot more energetic and peppy than most of the McCain ads.