Political Action

30-second ad run on national cable and in OH, WI and CO from May 12, 2008.


[Music] John Weiler (voiceover and to camera): I'm a veteran.  I served under President Ronald Reagan and under the first President Bush. 

I've been a Republican since before I could actually vote.

We need somebody in the White House that is strong.  We need somebody that's going to represent the left and the right, the Democrat and the Republican, everybody.

I'm a lifelong Republican and I'm voting for Barack Obama.

Male Announcer: Political Action is responsible for the content of this advertisement.

Notes: This ad, by David Gaw and Lance Mungia of Monrovia, CA, was the Grand Prize winner in's "Obama in 30 Seconds" contest.

-March 27th: Submission Period Begins
-April 15th: Submission Period Ends
-April 21st: 1st Round Voting Begins
-April 27th: 1st Round Voting Ends
-April 29th: Finalists Announced
-April 29th: Judging Panel Begins
-May 12th: Winners Announced

"After 1100 entries and more than 5.5 million total votes cast, the results are in. From among 15 amazing finalists, a panel of top filmmakers, artists, musicians, and progressive heroes picked the winning ad, 'Obamacan.'"