Political Action

30 sec. TV ad announced
July 31, 2008 to be run "in markets to be determined" at a cost of $150,000.


Father: Senator McCain, you let me and my kids down.

From the very beginning, I told them, "This is a principled guy."

So when you said you were going to help me drive affordably again, I believed you.

And then your idea is to do offshore drilling, which I find out won't produce any oil for 10 years…

…and then barely save us any money anyway.

That's not a solution, Mr. McCain.  That's a gimmick.  We expected better.

Male Announcer: Political Action is responsible for the content of this ad.


Notes According to the press release...

"Voters can see through gimmicks like offshore drilling, which will produce no oil for years and even then will hardly reduce the price of gas," said Eli Pariser, MoveOn's Executive Director. "The question is, who do we trust to lead us to a post-oil economy – McCain, who has taken over a million dollars from oil companies and voted for billions in subsidies for Big Oil, or Obama who has a real plan to solve our energy crisis and to create millions of jobs doing it?"