Political Action

30 sec. TV ad announced
Oct. 20, 2008 to be run starting Oct. 21 coinciding with Palin visits.

Moose: You really gotta question John McCain's judgment pickin' Sarah Palin as his VP.

We know her up here.  She doesn't have any national security experience.

She can't even explain Bush's war policies...but she supports his war.

And now she's an expert because she can see Russia?
McCain is 72 and she could end up in charge.

She may be a little “trigger-happy” – I should know.

Male Announcer: Political Action is responsible for the content of this ad.

Notes According to the press release, "With new polls suggesting that Sarah Palin hinders John McCain's chances of being elected, Political Action released a new 30-second television ad featuring an animated talking Alaskan moose to highlight the doubts most voters feel about McCain's judgment in picking her as his running mate."