Political Action

"Talk to Your Parents"
30 sec. TV ad run
on CW 's "Gossip Girl" and on MTV and Comedy Central in NC and NV starting Oct. 14, 2008.

Produced by Doug Liman.

Young Man 1: Mom?  Dad?  I found this in your room today. [holds up baseball cap that says: Drill Baby Drill, McCain-Palin 2008]

Young Woman 1: Are you thinking about voting for John McCain?

Young Man 2: Just because other people your age are doing it, doesn't make it cool.

Young Man 3: You say it's harmless; it's "just one vote."

Young Woman 2: Voting Republican even once...

Young Woman 1: ... can have disastrous effects that last for years.

Young Woman 3: You're not only risking your future, you're risking mine.

Young Man 3: Mine.

Young Man 1: Talk to your parents about John McCain.

Young Man 4: For my sake?  Please?

Young Man 2: Vote for Barack Obama.

Young Woman 1: Before it's too late.

Female Announcer: Political Action is responsible for the content of this advertisement.

Young Woman 4: And if you're ever out somewhere and you're considering voting McCain, just call me and I'll pick you up.  No questions asked.


Notes: This parody of well known anti-drug ads includes actors Penn Badgley and Blake Lively from "Gossip Girl."  There was also a "Partnership for a McCain-Free White House" website (