NRA Political Victory Fund

30 sec. TV ad run
latter part of Oct. 2008.

Male Announcer: Imagine your child screaming in the middle of the night when a convicted felon [breaking SFX] breaks into your home.  Worse, he comes back a second time.  You use a firearm to defend [Siren SFX] yourself and your family.

Unbelievably, Barack Obama voted to make you the criminal.  It's a true story.  And, it gets worse.

Obama voted four times to deny citizens the right of self-protection, even in their home.  Defend freedom.  Defeat Obama.  Get the facts at 

NRA Political Victory Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.


Notes: found this ad "takes liberties both with the facts of the 'true story' it purports to tell, and the substance of Obama's vote." (Oct. 23)., citing the NRA, said the ad was to run in Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.