NRA Political Victory Fund

"An Outlaw's Worst Nightmare"
40 sec. TV ad run
in OH, PA, VA and on cable starting Oct. 29, 2008.

[Rattle SFX]

[Music] Chuck Norris
: Hi, I'm Chuck Norris, a blackbelt patriot.  If some thug breaks into my home, I can use my roundhouse kick, but I'd prefer he look down the barrel of my gun.  [SFX]

Millions of other law-abiding families also rely on their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Some politicians say they support your rights, but unfortunately their voting records say otherwise.

Protect your rights on Election Day.  Check the candidates' record and see who stood up for your families and who protected the criminals.

And I approved this message.  [SFX]

Male Announcer: Just let 'em try and outlaw those guns.

Notes: This ad brings to mind the Huckabee ad from the primary campaign.