National Republican Trust PAC

30-sec. TV ad run in OH starting Oct. 16, 2008.


[Music] Female Announcer: Nineteen terrorists infiltrate the U.S..  

Thirteen get driver's licenses.

The 9/11 plot depended on easy-to-get licenses.

Obama's plan gives a license to any illegal who wants one.

A license they can use to get government benefits, a mortgage, board a plane, even illegally vote.

Wolf Blitzer of CNN asks: "Senator Obama, yes or no?"

Obama responds:  "Yes."

Female Announcer: Barack Obama.  Too radical.  Too risky.

The National Republican Trust PAC is responsible for the content of this advertisement.  



This ad makes the astounding claim that, "2.3 million undocumented immigrants will illegally vote on November 4th."  It cites as the source of that claim the DC Examiner, October 16, 2008.  The original source is an article by David Simcox, former chairman of the board and former executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, titled "How Many Non-Citizen Voters? Enough to make a difference" that ran in the Summer 2008 issue of Social Contract.