Obama for America

30-second ad run in ? announced Aug. 4, 2008.


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[Music] Male Announcer: Every time you fill your tank, the oil companies fill their pockets. 

Now Big Oil’s filling John McCain’s campaign with 2 million dollars in contributions.

Because instead of taxing their windfall profits to help drivers, McCain wants to give them another 4 billion in tax breaks. 

After one president in the pocket of big oil… We can’t afford another.

Barack Obama…  A windfall profits tax on big oil to give families a thousand dollar rebate.

A president who’ll stand up for you. 

Obama (voiceover):  I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message. 


Notes: This ad was released on the day that Obama outlined his "New Energy for America Plan" in a speech in Lansing, MI.  McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds responded with this statement:

Notes: Response from the McCain campaign:

"Barack Obama's latest negative attack ad shows his celebrity is matched only by his hypocrisy, after all it was Senator Obama, not John McCain, who voted for the Bush-Cheney energy bill that was a sweetheart deal for oil companies. Also not mentioned is the $400,000 from big oil contributors that Barack Obama has already pocketed in this election."