Obama for America

30-second ad run in Las Vegas and Reno, NV starting Aug. 11, 2008 (announced Aug. 9).


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[Music] Female Announcer: Imagine trucks hauling the nations nuclear waste on our highways to Yucca Mountain?  John McCain supports opening Yucca.  Hes not worried about nuclear waste in our state -- only in Arizona.

Interviewer: Would you be comfortable with nuclear waste coming through Arizona on its way, you know going through Phoenix, on its way to Yucca Mountain?

McCain: “No, I would not.  No, I would not."

Announcer: John McCain.  For nuclear waste in Nevada, just not in his back yard.

Barack Obama.  Opposes opening Yucca.  He
ll protect our families.

Obama (voiceover): I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.


Notes: This ad was released on the day that Obama outlined his "New Energy for America Plan" in a speech in Lansing, MI.  McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds responded with this statement:

Notes: According to the campaign press release...

“The positions of the two candidates couldnt be more different.  John McCain has been the leading proponent of storing nuclear waste in the state of Nevada, while Barack Obama has been adamantly opposed to Yucca Mountain from the start,” said Congresswoman Shelley Berkley.  “John McCain says he wouldnt want nuclear waste travelling through his own state, but isnt willing to give Nevadans the same courtesy.  If the McCain plan is not halted, Nevadas families and small business owners will have to live in fear from decades of toxic radioactive waste being stored in their backyard.  The choice is clear - Senator Obama will be the President to protect the safety of Nevadas families.